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We empower future servant leaders through higher education enriched by continuous training in community service, entrepreneurship and ethics.

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Since inception, we have impacted 17,000 lives in 13 villages and one major city in Sierra Leone in the following ways:

  • Distributed teaching aid / supplies to teachers in 7 villages to help improve the quality of education.
  • Distributed school supplies to 10 villages (for 1000+ students) many of them more than once.
  • Distributed solar lights/ solar generators for schools in 7 villages improving the lives of 3000+ people.
  • Started the first high speed public internet cafe and technology center in Makeni, the 4th largest city in Sierra Leone
  • Monthly street cleaning in Makeni initiated by our college students.
  • Taught adult literacy classes in 5 villages through our college students. Currently 150+ men and women are enrolled in the program.
  • Grew college scholarship program from one student to 30 who are now running all our programs in Sierra Leone.
  • Built 2 elementary schools and 1 middle school in three different villages; replacing rundown mud huts. (Today 250+ students attend classes in the new school structures instead of 10-20 students in those mud hut. )
  • Dug / repaired two water wells in two remote villages. (Today 700 villagers are enjoying clean and fresh water)
  • During the Ebola crisis, we sent $33,000 to be used for emergency aide before any large organizations started sending support to Makeni or the surrounding villages. We are proud to say because of our support 1400 lives in one complete village (Yalisanda) was saved. The entire village was about to vanish when we took responsibility and through collaboration with the University of Makeni saved that village. Our aide provided baby food, medical supplies, fuel for ambulances to transport the infected Ebola patients, food for those in quarantine and more.

Every dollar raised can have a huge impact on many people's lives. Your contribution will provide school supplies, college sponsorship, generators for schools, adult literacy programs for villages and other programs that we hope will lead to self-sufficiency and economic sustainability in our West African communities.

(Note: this sample video was recorded in 2012.)

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